How to Make Money by Watching Videos Online – 15 Ways

How to Make Money by Watching Videos Online – 15 Ways

In our time, internet access has become an important medium to share and watch your favorite videos. When we watch videos, have we ever thought that we can earn money through the internet? Yes, you are reading it right! You can make money in reality by watching online videos. In this article, we will tell you 15 ways to make money by watching videos online. So let’s get started! And know the easy ways to earn money.

keep in mind the simple things


When you think of earning money by watching online videos, it is very important to keep some important things in mind. Here we are telling you about some common things which will help you to start successfully and make you successful:


If you realistically aim to make money, it will continuously encourage you and lead you to success.


Choose the methods that are most feasible for you based on your qualifications and skills.


Once you start, you may face struggles, but be patient and keep going and don’t give up. Success can take time.

15 ways to earn money by watching videos online

Now we will tell you 15 ways by which you can earn money by watching online videos.

  1. YouTube Partner Program

YouTube Partner Program allows you to earn money by uploading videos on your channel. When a video is watched on your channel, you are shown advertisements and in return you get some money.

  1. Affiliate Marketing

In affiliate marketing, you have to provide a description of the video or links to the products used in the video. If someone buys a product from the link you provide, you get a commission. And money starts coming.

  1. Premium Membership

You can also sell your videos through a premium subscription model. When your channel grows premium subscribers, you get a monthly or annual fee. Which makes you quite popular.

  1. Brand Sponsorship

If your channel has good influence and more followers, you can get sponsorship from different brands. They can choose you to promote their products or services and you will be paid for it.

  1. Video Editing Services

If you have a good eye for video editing, you can also provide video editing services. People want to take your help to improve their videos and you will be provided a fair price for this.

  1. Sponsored Video

You can also make money by including sponsored segments in videos. In this, you promote a brand or product for some time in the middle of the video and get money in return.

  1. Essential supply services.

You can also make money by using the supply services needed to make videos. For this, you can buy graphics, music, stock footage etc. to make a video and charge a fixed price for it.

  1. Appreciation Video

You can create videos to praise different products, services, or websites and get praise fees for the same.

  1. Testimonial Videos

Businesses may need your help to create testimonial videos for their company. This way, you can create videos to promote their business and get a fair price in return.

  1. Training Videos

You can create training videos based on expertise and get training fees for the same. People want to learn new skills through your videos and you can earn money from it.

  1. Website promotion

You can also promote your website through videos. For this, you can tell about your website in the video and inspire people to visit it.

  1. Copyright free music

You can also make money by using copyright free music in your videos. People may be interested to listen to your video and you can charge them royalty for it.

  1. Speed Run Company

If you consider yourself an expert in a video game, you can participate in speed run competitions and win money. These companies motivate people to watch your video and provide a reasonable amount for it.

  1. Influencer Marketing

You can use influencer marketing by promoting local businesses in videos. For this you will have to receive a fixed fee for promoting them.

  1. Donation

If you have a community on your channel and your work is to benefit people, then you can ask for donations from people. This will make your fans want to donate money to support your channel.


In this article, we have looked at 15 ways to make money by watching videos online. By creating a base of video content and using the right ideas, you can make your video channel a profitable business. However, it is important that you provide your audience with useful as well as entertaining content. This is important for your channel’s reputation and success.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Can I make money for a YouTube channel?

Yes, you can earn money through YouTube channel. recognized you

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